The Simple Way to Clean Gutters Without a Ladder

how to clean gutters without a ladder

How to clean your gutters without a ladder

Cleaning out the gutters is never an easy task. It’s not only tedious but can be dangerous too. That said, among the other home improvement tasks, gutter cleaning is one task that requires extra care. One essential equipment for this task is a sturdy ladder, but what if you can do without one? Read on to find out how to clean gutters from the ground, without a ladder.

Ways to Clean Gutters Without a Ladder

Despite the danger of climbing a wall, gutters must get cleaned. Ladders pose a level of risk you can avoid by simply not using them. However, your safety still matters regardless of which option you settle for.

Below are the most practical options to clean gutters without a ladder, whether you have a low roof or a story building.

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clean gutter with leaf blower

1. Use a Leaf Blower

Among the dirt you will come across in the gutter are leaves. All you need to do is ensure that you got a nozzle attachment, then get an extension to reach the channel quickly. While using it, stand on the ground and position yourself in a corner. This show is where one end of the gutter is at. 

To carry on;

  • Place the leaf blower nozzle slightly above the gutter, then turn it on and have the leaves blown away. 
  • Move with it to the other side while doing the same, and you will have cleaned off all the leaves and debris.

2. Use a Powerwasher

Another tool you can consider using is the power washer. A power washer works well if you cannot access a leaf blower. Its only downside is getting your clothes wet since it operates at a high-water pressure. 

Again, you should exercise caution while you are using the power washer because it might cause damage to some parts you aim at. While at it, you can also use this time to clean the entire exterior of your home if you have time. 

If not, you can outsource the task to Above All LCC, for an entire clean environment. 

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3. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

The first two tools, a leaf blower and a power washer, clean gutters by blowing away dirt, leaves, and debris. A vacuum cleaner works differently. All the leaves, debris, and dirt will not disappear using a vacuum cleaner; instead it sucks them inside leaving the gutters clean.

Using a vacuum cleaner is also practical when your gutters are fitted with gutter guards, that allow rainwater to flow through while keeping leaves, debris, and insects out. 

4. Use a Gutter Sense Cleaning Tool

It is possible to clean the gutter from the ground. You can attach the gutter sense to an extension pole, and it can reach a channel on a two-story building then perfectly grasp all types of leaves, debris, and pine needles. 

Exercise caution while using the gutter-sense cleaning tool because it is fragile. Even though it has durable glass-filled nylon, it contains plastic and can break easily. Also, this tool may not be effective in all gutter types; the best gutter to clean using the gutter sense is the K Style Gutter. 

5. Install a Gutter Guard

Whether using a ladder or not, gutter cleaning can be quite involving. It is uncomfortable, and the process is very tedious, especially if you do it yourself. Installing gutter guards provides a reasonable solution for maintain your gutters. 

Have you heard of perforated gutter guards? These come from Above All LCC, a company that installs low-profile, aesthetically pleasing, and virtually invisible gutter guards. 

The installation of these gutter guards involves this process:

  • Cleaning all gutters and downspouts
  • Sealing all the channels for our clients if need be
  • Adjusting the gutter for a good flow
  • Lastly, installing the aluminum guards with a 12-month guarantee of performance

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Gutter Clean?

Keep your gutters in good condition by cleaning them regularly. Here are the reasons why:

1. Rust Prevention

When you have unclean gutters, there will likely develop rust. Accumulated dust on the gutters can do more harm than good, ultimately shortening the lifespan of the gutters. To avoid rust, clean the gutters regularly, especially after a downpour or windy day. 

2. Roof Warranty

Suppose you have a habit of not cleaning the gutters. In that case, the warranty on your roof will be null and void because primarily, the cause of your roof having problems within a short time after installation will be the accumulated dirt. So, for the warranty to be valid and enforceable in the time of need, you must ensure the gutters are clean.

3. Basement Flooding

If you fail to clean your gutters, you may have problems with the insurance company. For example, if the gutter has clogs, dirt, or cracks, it might end up causing basement flooding from leaks. If there is an accident because of this erosion and/or flooding, the insurer may not consider making payments once they discover that you do not maintain your gutter properly. Keep checking your gutters for leaks, cracks and clogging to ensure it remains flawless.

4. Pest Control

With an uncleaned gutter, your home will also be home to pests and insects. Insects, for instance, ants and cockroaches, thrive in a poorly maintained gutter as it creates a conducive ecosystem for them to thrive. Apart from that, the pests will easily access your overhangs and the attic. To avoid such hazardous instances, check the barriers that prevent such invaders.

5. It Is Affordable

You don’t have to live with a dirty gutter if you cannot clean it yourself. The good news is, you can have all your gutters and downspouts cleaned at very affordable services, some of which cost less than most of the cable TV bills you pay. Again, you only need to do gutter cleaning twice a year as recommended by the National Centre for Healthy Housing.  

6. Gutter Damage

A gutter full of leaves and debris is unnecessary weight. The fascia board in your home can only handle the weight of a clean drain according to its design. This implies that when the gutter is full, the fascia board cannot take the extra weight, and your drain will get damaged in the process, resulting in costly repairs. A well-maintained gutter can serve you from 20 to 50 years, depending on the material used to make it. 

7. To Prevent Water Damage to Your Home

You are at the risk of experiencing water damage both inside and outside your home if you do not embrace gutter maintenance. You may find excess water entering your home through the crevices or cracks. The water trickles may look like they are not such a big deal initially, but you may experience extensive damage with time. Sometimes, ugly stains will eventually be on your wall and ceiling. Don’t ignore the early signs.

8. You Will Reduce the Risk of Cracked Foundation

During heavy rains, there is pooling water that can affect the foundation of a house. When your gutters have clogged, you may suffer a substantial financial loss. Your foundation will get weak because of the erosion and pouring water. Eventually, there will be shifting or cracks. A cracked foundation means cracked walls or uneven floors. Some of these problems have to get immediate attention, and that’s how the considerable cost comes in. 

However, with a reliable gutter system, you are sure that your home’s foundation doesn’t experience water damage. 

9. To Avoid Roof Leaks

When you have clogged gutters, the water from the rain will have nowhere to go. The water will settle on your roof, and as a result, the roof will start leaking due to the overload. When checking your gutters for clogged waterways, also check your roof lining in case there are weak spots that might allow rainwater in.

10. To Protect Flower Beds from Damage

Flower beds beautify homes. If you have one and spent a fortune decorating your front or back yard, ensure you keep it well, especially if the rainwater flows through the gutter to the flower garden. Leaky and poorly maintained gutters can result in overwatering, which you can avoid by keeping your gutters in good working condition.

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It’s vital to give gutter systems proper care. A well-maintained gutter system will help prevent clogs and subsequent roof leaks, and a home infestation by pests. This easy maintenance job can save you money in the long run.

Above All LLC can take care of all your gutter needs. Our company values the trust our clients put in us and always comes up with the best solutions for their gutter needs. Contact us if you have any questions about our services. We take care of our clients’ concerns with all the seriousness they deserve and deliver on their expectations.

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