How Much to Replace Gutters on a House

How Much to Replace Gutters on a House

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Typically, Gutter replacement costs between $4 to $30 per linear foot. However, other factors, such as the gutter material used, will determine this price range.

Contrary to popular belief, replacing gutters is not cheaper than installing brand-new gutters. Due to the need to remove and dispose of the old gutters, homeowners should budget an extra $2 per linear foot. You can, however, save on removal and disposal costs if you can do these yourself.

So, how much to replace gutters on a house?
Gutters protect our roofs and foundations from flood-related damage. Therefore, replacing the gutters is critical as they become worn out or damaged. In the short term, you may patch the gutter system if only a portion needs replacement.

However, replacing the entire gutter system might be more cost-effective for substantial repairs. A complete gutter replacement gives a better visual appeal than a patch job.

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Factors Impacting Gutter Costs

Gutter Material

The gutter material used has the most significant impact on gutter installation costs. Some materials last longer than others, so they cost more per foot.

Gutter Cost by Material

Material Cost

Cost Range per Linear Foot ($)

Average Cost per Linear Foot ($)







Galvanizes Steel Zinc
















Vinyl gutters are the least-priced alternative with fewer maintenance requirements. Thus, they are popular for DIY projects and for people on a budget. However, continuous exposure to below-freezing temperatures makes it brittle, and exposure to too much heat can also lead to deformation.


Aluminum is one of the most used guttering choices as it strikes a good balance between cost and quality. Aluminum is corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and incredibly durable. Additionally, it comes in various finishes to fit your house, and you can also paint it.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is heavier than aluminum and needs professional installation. However, it is far more durable and resistant to dents and weather damage. Except for homes near the seaside, where the salt will cause the metal to corrode, it is a reliable option.


Zinc is durable and requires little upkeep, and it can survive for decades if installed correctly. Zinc is preferable for older properties since it acquires an eye-catching rusted patina over time.


Galvalume combines aluminum, silicone, and zinc applied over the base metal. Galvalume is like galvanizing steel but is more durable with a lower risk of corrosion. Galvalume is, therefore, suitable for oceanside homes.


Wooden gutters are common in rustic, wood siding, and log cabin-style homes.
Wood gutters are from wood species like cedar, cypress, pine, and redwood. The gutters get treatment to withstand moisture and insects. Wood gutters are more expensive and need regular maintenance. However, they create a big statement and can improve curb appeal.


Installing copper gutters costs about $32.50, or $25 to $40 per linear foot. Copper is a highly sought-after and expensive gutter material. Although it needs expert installation, it is durable and requires little maintenance. Over time, copper gutters develop a blue-green patina that enhances their beauty.

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Seamless Gutters

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Gutter Guards

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Gutter Cleaning

Home Size

The sale and installation of gutters are by linear foot. Therefore, the bigger your home, the more gutters you will need. The gutter footage required will depend on the architectural design of your home.
Based on different house sizes, the average cost to build gutters is as below:

Gutter Cost by Material

House Size

Average Cost of Installation ($)

800 square feet

150- 4,000

1,000 square feet


1,500 square feet


1,750 square feet


2,000 square feet


2,500 square feet


3,000 square feet


The number of stories in your house will also affect the installation’s cost. Taller homes need longer downspouts, thus, will cost more than a one-story home. Higher roofs could also make gutter installation riskier, attracting more labor charges. It might be challenging to adequately direct water off a roof in some situations, requiring purchasing extra components and accessories.

Gutter Style

There are different gutter types, and your preference will affect installation costs. More elaborate gutters are challenging to find or only available in expensive materials. You can find these other options in any material from most hardware stores, and these options are also more economical but less aesthetically pleasing.

Gutter styles include;

Gutter StyleCost per Square Foot ($)
U-style/ Half Round4-25
Fascia gutters6-20
Seamless gutters9-25

     a) K-style gutters ($8-$15 per square foot).

The most popular gutter design and is available in all materials. K-style gutters are a good option for wet climates since they can hold much more water than other gutter styles.

     b) U-style/Half Round gutters

These are often attached to the soffit and installed on metal roofs. The best materials for these gutters are aluminum, copper, steel, or galvanized steel.

     c) V-style gutters

V-style gutters are uncommon and less likely to clog, and wood is typically the only material used to create these gutters.

     d) Fascia Gutters

Instead of being an exterior piece of hardware, fascia gutters look like a part of the house. They are primarily an aesthetic appeal with carvings or a more intricate design.

     e) Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters cost more than sectional gutters. Seamless gutters are long and continuous lengths of guttering. Seamless gutters, therefore, do not have gaps in sectional pieces where water can drip. You first measure your roof to determine the length of gutter required.

Seamless gutters also come in various styles like Half-Round and K Style. The material and labor expenses are higher as these gutters need more customization. However, they have a lower long-term maintenance cost.

Sectional gutters come in standard sizes, which are then joined together.

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DIY vs. Professional Gutter Installation

To save some, some people might prefer to replace their gutters themselves. However, gutters installation is a complex and even risky job. Experts have the skills and experience to operate on rooftops and use power equipment.
The professional gutter installation also has a longer warranty. At Above All Gutter VAC, we offer gutter installation and gutter cleaning services. Call us today to correctly and fast replace your gutters.

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